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If you are a hospital, hospice, or long term care facility that would like to request devices, please fill out the Google Form below. We have currently provided devices to over 50 sites, including hospitals, hospices, and long term care homes.

Program Overview

We are providing donated phones and tablets to all facilities in need. We ask our donors to factory reset and disinfect the devices they are donating. Each device will be delivered to your facility by the donor or a volunteer. At the facility, you will set up each device to the Frontline Connect Google Suite’s Multiple Device Management system (~10 minute process). This provides your device with its own email account, and downloads communication apps such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Signal and/or WhatsApp. These devices can be given to patients for use, or shared among the healthcare workers to connect with patients and families. The devices will be remotely monitored by our Frontline Connect tech team, so they are available for support and troubleshooting.

What is a Site Lead, and why does each facility need one?

We request that all facilities select a Site Lead to manage and oversee the devices that we provide. The Site Lead at each facility will be responsible for:

  • accepting donated devices when they are dropped off at your facility
  • setting up the devices using our simple GSuite configuration (this is very quick and easy – no prior technological experience is required!)
  • implementing the use of devices at your site
    • ensuring proper disinfection protocols are being followed
    • distributing our research survey to help us measure the efficacy of the program
    • managing device use through provided sign-out sheets

If you have more questions about our program, please contact us at, or using the Contact Us page.