We are currently accepting all phones and tablets, with a preference for those running iOS 10.0 or Android v4.4 at minimum.

Have an eligible device? Making a donation is as simple as three easy steps!

  1. Fill out the Google Form below.
  2. Prep your device(s) for donation by following a simple factory reset and disinfection protocol. We will send this to you after you submit your form.
  3. We will send you an email with instructions on how to drop off or mail in your device.

What are the drop off sites for devices?

Aladdin’s Adventures Indoor Playground

31 Topflight Road

Comfort Inn

3450 Ridgeway Drive, Unit #10

Aladdin’s Adventures Indoor Playground

4325 Harvester Road Unit #4/5

Can I make a cash donation instead?

We are currently working hard to set up the option to make a cash donation in return for a tax receipt. Please follow us on our social media accounts so that you can be the first to hear our announcement when this is available. If you would like to be personally notified, please fill out the Donation Pledge Form above and select ‘I would like to pledge a cash donation’.

Is my device eligible?

Yes! We are accepting all phones and tablets.

Should I donate my phone’s charger and accessories as well?

Yes! If your device has a working charger and case, these can be included in the donation.

How will you protect my device’s data privacy?

Protecting your data privacy is our highest priority. As you prep your device for donation, you will be given instructions to factory reset your device to wipe its data. Once your device has been donated, it will be delivered to a third-party organization that is experienced in data-wiping and refurbishing corporate electronic devices. There, any remaining data on your device will be removed.

Are you able to give me a tax receipt?

We are in the process of finalizing an agreement with a charitable partner so that we may provide a tax receipt for your donation. Until this is finalized, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a tax receipt.

We have collaborated with a registered charity for donations of over 25 high-quality devices. If you are making such a large donation, please email us directly at donations@frontlineconnect.ca

What if I still need help?

We can be reached at donations@frontlineconnect.ca.